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The hotel is completely created with the sand excavated from the building site and with the usage of the regional materials. The entire area covered by the hotel is 12 acres. However, the intellect is calculated since only 20% of this property is assembled and the remainder left for the natural farming and other actions. The hotel creates most of its eco power working with the renewable supply of electricity like the solar, wind and bio-gas energy. You will find terms of rain water harvesting as well as the recycling of all of the waste created in the hotel itself. The guests are treated with all the fresh vegetable and fruits grown in the areas. This creatively constructed Hotel signify the rural simplicity of the region. Forget about what for a minute and now only imagine entering the subject of grains barefooted, milking a cow, or just taking a ride on the bullock cart. Than get participate in these king of actions that you have always dream of accomplishing, but have not got the opportunity to do them. How about screaming a butter, growing veggies or ploughing the area In addition you have the chance to learn the conventional farming methods.

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The airy and also the spacious roomsaway from the hubbub of this urban life give you the tranquility calmness and relaxation as you bask in the grandeur of the wealthy rural civilization. The venting system is as such the space get the suitable all-natural lighting from outside. Best colors and textures used in the inside section of the area are sufficient to relax your nerves. You may pick from the 3 number of rooms – vintage, complete bed develop and the flooring kind singles. In every room you might locate a wall mural painted by the regional tribal men and women. Comfort Is Identical to the stay in the Village. Study the rare treasure Veerakallu or even the hero stones.

Veerakaulla would be the rock engravings and sculptures inscribed by the glorious deeds of these heroes of this bygone age. Our Native Village gives the area’s first all-natural swimming pool. Then you may take pleasure in the massage in the conventional Indian spa and visit an eco resort. Our Native village provides you the opportunity to play with the traditional games such as gilli danda, spinning tops, flying kites, hopscotch and a lot more. You might even seek the services of the bike for your holiday season. It is possible to enjoy the character walk in the fields of blossoms, coconuts, and banana plantations appreciating the sweet rhythm of their bird music. Then you may also make a trip to the regional temples. The warmth and comfort ability of your stay in the Native Village can force you to return to the place once more.