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MILLER: The second term of the grapple gun turn against Obama

MILLER: The second term of the grapple gun advance Obama re-election efforts of President Obama to Americans hate guns counterproductive. Not only that sales of firearms in 2013 to blow out all the entries of interest to learn more about the problems of the Second Amendment has increased dramatically. This is the news … Learn more about Washington Times

Charlie Crist describes America Cuba policy as bad for Florida “The embargo has done nothing more than 50 years regime change in Cuba, “Crist said in a statement emergence TV. “If we want to bring democracy to Cuba, we need to promote American values ​​and investments out there that do not … Learn more about Tampabay.com

Iran says warships will approach the maritime border of the United States Iranian naval officer said the number of warships were ordered to approach U.S. maritime borders in response to the deployment of U.S. ships in the Gulf, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. , this step can be seen as an attempt to … Learn more about Al Jazeera America