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What does America Exclusive? Now, I do not consider myself to be risky, but before I could say anything, she continued and said: “It’s the nature of you as an American. Part of the American spirit to take risks. Your ancestors came into the boat and left Europe to face … Learn more about (subscription)

healthy, wealthy and wise: America strong city … This city is known for its frequent sub-zero temperatures, where residents need snow coat and ear for several months a year, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, according to the latest American College American fitness List of Sports Medicine. Learn more about

Blizzard can cripple travel for millions of Americans – Again Heavy, blowing and pozemka Tuesday could disrupt the course and create treacherous conditions for millions of Americans across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, several weeks after Blizzards and “polar vortex” stranded thousands nationwide. Learn more about Al Jazeera America

8 Pointers British Dating America The Americans turned to the novel as if it is a recreational activity. Term “dating” is an invention of the United States designed to disinfect the process of choosing a partner and make him look less boring, awkward and heartbreaking than it actually is. So Americans discuss … Learn more about Anglophenia