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Wight: United States V. James J. Bulger: Sundance Review Berlinger of Wight: United States V. James J. Bulher not a movie. Sprawling and sometimes grind for two hours, and the dock is cinematic inspiration and publicist mixed, clouded its powerful main arguments – that … Read more Hollywood Reporter

Facebook Fandom Maps Show Who America Rooting for Sunday Once again, we have cards that are divided into shares Facebook fans each conference championship teams in Sunday to the county level. And do you know if you’re going to have to give your fellow sports bar regular lateral eyes. Over 49ers-Seahawks, … Learn more about Deadspin

Library Corner: Must Read Books America The war on poverty Law economic opportunities have led to the creation of a program of Community action (including our own Lower Columbia CAP) Cases and volunteers working in service to America or VISTA, which had immediate and long-term consequences for the fight against poverty … Learn more about Longview Daily News