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Lastest news from America

Six stories to watch in Latin America With new sources of energy, increasing role in global markets and the growing middle class in most parts of the region, Latin America continues to be an attractive target for foreign investors. However, the region faces its own problems as well: a security … Learn more about Forbes

What graying world can learn America But fiscal and social burdens associated with the aging of America is not unique. In fact, when it comes to getting older, Europe and increasingly significant part of Asia are facing much more challenging future in which there is a discrepancy between demography and slows … Learn more about CNN ( blog)

phony war film 2013 about America now almost psychedelic period film by Ben Wheatley, “Field In England, “hit the British chain last year, he was named the” future cult “and Wheatley next Sam Raimi. Besides its novel take on the drama of the English Civil War … Learn more about Huffington Messages

Greg Laurie: “Nothing says America is better than Dallas,” City Harvest held .. . Pastor Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., says pastors in Dallas January 28, 2014 to declare the city as a place for Harvest America October 5 at American Airlines Center in Dallas .. . Learn more about Christian Messages

Lastest news from America

another look at America 10 most – and least – “Bible followers City” TheBlaze recently bring you 10 most and least in the Bible-minded cities based on common long-term studies of the American Bible Society and Barna Group. Now, Bible Gateway, a popular online database of Bible released some data based on their own … Learn more about

Television | This is not a 007, but the thing is This is the point at which a series of four articles, which begins Wednesday night on BBC America, will begin to be of interest to fans of Fleming and his literary creation James Bond. Mini-series chronicles how Fleming spent World … Learn more about New York Times

in Latin America , just in retreat, he left win more elections Bogota, Colombia – More than Two decades after the Cold War, in which the United States supported the anti-military rulers and pushed the free-market policies in Latin America, conservative governments have virtually disappeared from the area. Learn more about Washington Messages

Is Apple iPhone 5C Hurt in North America Sales?

or 5C Hurt Apple iPhone in North America sale? Apple, sales during the holiday quarter compared with the same year due to a number of new products have increased by 5.7%, but the picture is very different in North America. The company revealed in its first quarter earnings report on Monday that sales in the Americas … Learn more about Mashable

Roach recovery in the United States: “Keep the Champagne on Ice” According to Roach, the most difficult issue for the economy continues household “balance sheet recession” that stifles U.S. consumers still work to pay off debts and remain in sleep mode. (More: China will not overtake the U.S. … Learn more about

Cross-country journey reveals the true nature America and Americans for cyclists

travel cross-country reveals the true nature America and Americans bicycle Nancy Nichols and TJ Jacob took velopodorozh self-supporting in the country, which included several intersecting water obstacles. Here they pass the new John James Audubon Bridge over the Mississippi River in Louisiana, a major milestone trip. / Courtesy of … Learn more about The Coloradoan

America “over-privileged” reduces In desperate depletion 19th century Peninsula War, British forces had an invaluable asset before Napoleon’s troops: Bank of England notes were readily accepted when they buy local sources, while the French paper treated with suspicion Learn more about Financial Times

Lastest news from America

The Real Birth America – and response America was born July 4, 1776, when only signed the Declaration of Independence of the “United Colonies” has not yet been ratified by the individual countries. She was born March 1, 1781 on the day of the Articles of Confederation, under … Learn more about The Chattanoogan

Dozens killed in Egypt on the anniversary of the uprising forces security used tear gas to disperse a rally held by opponents of military coup in Egypt to celebrate in Cairo on Saturday, the third anniversary of the revolution 2011, Egypt. Stringer / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images. Twenty-nine people were killed … Learn more about Al Jazeera America

Lastest news from America

Cheppell named one of the 10 best sports bars in America Restaurant & Sports Museum Chappell, mainly Kansas City, was named one of the 10 most best sports bars in America USA Today. Since opening his restaurant North Kansas City in 1986, Jim Cheppell amassed a large collection of sports memorabilia. Read more Kansas City Star

America of freedom: why we should be number one again Manufacturing Excellence is one of four economic powers posed to the U.S. economy than the rest of the world. Newshour more pictures. Is the best years of America behind us and we went to new heights? We have heard both sides of this debate … Learn more about PBS

Lastest news from America

Honda Accord tops Camry Production in North America Enlargement “There was a significant increase in exports,” said Ron Lietzke, a spokesman for the North American division of Honda in Marysville, in a telephone interview yesterday. Manufacturing in the United States last year exceeded Accord for sale in the U.S. of 100,000 units of cars goes shopping … Learn more about Bloomberg

Obama focuses on college sexual violence President Barack Obama signed a memorandum on the creation of a working group of the White House to protect students from sexual abuse Tuesday in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson / Getty Images. U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday appealed to attack … Learn more about Al Jazeera America

America fall out of the top 10 economically free countries If you live in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland as well. If you live in Zimbabwe, Cuba and North Korea, it is not. And if you live in the U.S., its economic freedom slipping away, with terrible consequences. This is in … Learn more about TIME

Lastest news from America

What does America Exclusive? Now, I do not consider myself to be risky, but before I could say anything, she continued and said: “It’s the nature of you as an American. Part of the American spirit to take risks. Your ancestors came into the boat and left Europe to face … Learn more about (subscription)

healthy, wealthy and wise: America strong city … This city is known for its frequent sub-zero temperatures, where residents need snow coat and ear for several months a year, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, according to the latest American College American fitness List of Sports Medicine. Learn more about

Blizzard can cripple travel for millions of Americans – Again Heavy, blowing and pozemka Tuesday could disrupt the course and create treacherous conditions for millions of Americans across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, several weeks after Blizzards and “polar vortex” stranded thousands nationwide. Learn more about Al Jazeera America

8 Pointers British Dating America The Americans turned to the novel as if it is a recreational activity. Term “dating” is an invention of the United States designed to disinfect the process of choosing a partner and make him look less boring, awkward and heartbreaking than it actually is. So Americans discuss … Learn more about Anglophenia

For America , a river of failure in Iraq

For America , refusal river in Iraq We can hardly find Iraq on the map, let alone “fix” it with our troops and drones. In 2006, after three years of bloody war in Iraq, 63% of Americans aged 18-24 can not find a “target-rich” nation on the map. To be fair, only half can be found in New York … Learn more about Center for the Study of Globalization

-burden sharing This is a report on the driest of the titles: “Revenue Statistics in Latin America, 1990-2012.” The theme does not sound very promising either: a regional analysis of the tax take. But how governments raise revenue from individuals and … Learn more about Economist (blog)

America is the most popular drug prescription sleep related mass shooting Discover a report describing the most bizarre and dangerous side effects of pills Ambien sleep again raised questions about one of the most popular drugs, prescription USA. Troubleshooting story Allison McCabe chronicled numerous cases … Learn more about RT

Lastest news from America

Wight: United States V. James J. Bulger: Sundance Review Berlinger of Wight: United States V. James J. Bulher not a movie. Sprawling and sometimes grind for two hours, and the dock is cinematic inspiration and publicist mixed, clouded its powerful main arguments – that … Read more Hollywood Reporter

Facebook Fandom Maps Show Who America Rooting for Sunday Once again, we have cards that are divided into shares Facebook fans each conference championship teams in Sunday to the county level. And do you know if you’re going to have to give your fellow sports bar regular lateral eyes. Over 49ers-Seahawks, … Learn more about Deadspin

Library Corner: Must Read Books America The war on poverty Law economic opportunities have led to the creation of a program of Community action (including our own Lower Columbia CAP) Cases and volunteers working in service to America or VISTA, which had immediate and long-term consequences for the fight against poverty … Learn more about Longview Daily News